Your satisfaction with your Spring Street Cigars (Higgins Cigars, LLC) online experience is our number one goal.  If, for any reason, you are not happy with a product, please contact us.  We appreciate any opportunity to fix the issue and keep you satisfied.  If you need to return a product, please contact us for a Return Authorization via our “Contact Us” page.  For returns, unless otherwise indicated, you are responsible for shipping the product back to us.  We recommend tracking so that both of us can be sure that the product has been received by us. If we are replacing any item, we will pay the return shipping to you.  

Our refund policy is based on a pro-rata basis. This allows you to keep and enjoy anything you receive that is not damaged or defective. We will refund your price based upon what you keep.  For cigars, we likely will ask you to send us the damaged product, or provide visual proof of the issue, so that we can verify the credibility of the claim and prevent future occurrences.

Because cigar preferences are subjective, we understand that a particular cigar may not match your taste. However, unless the cigar is damaged or does not resemble the product indicated on our website, we are unable to consider the item for a refund.